Tanja Konrad – Microsoft

Tanja Konrad – Microsoft

Tanja Konrad works at Microsoft, where her mission is to enable Customer Success by empowering and supporting customers in their journey towards becoming data-driven businesses. She focuses on assisting customers in achieving their goals and making their businesses more innovative and transformed. Her role is crucial in speeding up the adoption of cloud solutions and making sure they work well.
With an track record of over 20 years of experience spanning across diverse industries, IT departments and cloud transformation, Tanja brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table. Her deep understanding of Data&AI technologies, coupled with her extensive experience in driving digital transformations, uniquely positions her to provide invaluable insights to organizations.

Tanja’s primary objective is to help customers achieve their full potential by leveraging technology that aligns with their strategic objectives.

Tanja firmly believes that Enterprise Architecture Management is critical to accelerating cloud transformation and ensuring continuous business development. As such, she works tirelessly to guide organizations towards the adoption of the right cloud solutions, which help them to streamline operations, increase agility, and drive growth.

Company: Microsoft
Position:Microsoft Germany Data&AI Lead – Customer Success.

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