Mathias Hess – MHIM Interim Management

Mathias Hess - MHIM Interim Management

Mathias Hess has been active in the digital world for around a quarter of a century – in national medium-sized companies and in large international corporations, as CIO and IT manager and in responsible management positions at IT service providers.
He knows everything that the modern IT environment has to offer in terms of opportunities and risks when it comes to digitization.
He has extensive experience in project management, both with the introduction of new applications and processes (ITIL) and in the implementation of outsourcing projects and complex offshore services.
As part of his job, he is often responsible for change management, which is increasingly becoming a decisive success factor in many projects.
Mathias Hess is an enthusiastic user of opportunities and digitization optimist. In the future, he sees IT less and less as a cost optimizer and more as a driving “business enabler”.
Mathias Hess is an interim manager and professional speaker. His topics are innovation, leadership, agility and change management.

Firma: MHIM Interim Management
Position: IT Interim- und Projektmanager
MHIM - Interim Management

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