Cristina Popa – Contractuo

Cristina Popa – Contractuo

I am an entrepreneur and business psychologist by heart.

The urge for variety, adventure and real challenges has shaped my decisions for over the last 17 years. Becoming a partner with consistency in 2017 paid into all of this. Together with my wonderful colleagues, we scaled the company from 10 employees in Germany to around 70 across Germany, Austria and the UK, from 2 clients to 32 clients. We founded two new companies and took shares in two more companies. We have celebrated successes, learned together from failures and are passionate about our business.

After 15 years of working in various industries and positions, my thirst for knowledge is still inexhaustible and drives me to leave my comfort zone regularly.

Topics you are welcome to discuss with me are:

  • Organizational development (from operating model, agile ways of working, change management, knowledge management, female empowerment to leadership coaching)
  • Digital transformations (from startups to large corporate transformations, from automation, web3 to metaverse)
  • Energy transition (from smart homes to smart cities, from e.mobility to renewables)
  • I like to be inspired by impactful new technologies and tools, courageous and creative personalities, exciting events and profound conversation on psychology.

Company: Contractuo
Position: CEO / Partner at Consistency

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