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©2022 Karsten Voges Lean42 GmbH

Karsten Voges – Lean42 GmbH

Business Driven IT – Build a Business-Aligned IT Strategy

Karsten Voges brings 20 years of leadership experience, ranging from startups to Fortune 50 companies, plus various IT management consulting firms. He and Inge Hanschke have been working together in different organizations for 15 years and his motto “lean & smart” is very similar to Inge’s “easy & effective”.

With degrees in computer scientist (TUM) and an MBA (UK), he has been combining IT and business for years. As a product manager in enterprise architecture management, head of IT architecture and as a founder of a data collaboration platform, deep technical knowledge comes together with a lot of business acumen. Therefore Karsten Voges ensures fit for purpose solutions that are followed through with change management, plus that they are also implemented in state of the art technically.

Conference speaker, e.g. Planview Horizons, TexWeek, Gartner, Lean Konferenz, Penn State etc.

Company: Lean42 GmbH
Position: Managing Director


Our experts from science and practice include:
(Subject to change – will be updated continuously!)

©2023 Juliane Berger – Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty SE

Juliane Berger – Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty SE

From Strategy to Execution at Allianz guided by Business Architecture

Juliane is leading the business architecture practice at Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty SE. She has been a long-time certified practitioner, being engaged with Business Architecture Guild’s insurance reference model team. She actively engages in and contributes to international business architecture networks. Recent completed learning programs included “Building a Strategic Business Architecture Practice” and “Effective Communication for Business Architecture Success” by Biz Arch Mastery. Previously Juliane held roles with Allianz and BMW Group as well as consulting in project management and business architecture.

Company: Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty SE
Position: Head of Business Architecture

Dr. Thomas Meintrup – Mercedes-Benz Group AG

Dr. Thomas Meintrup – Mercedes Benz Group

EA Governance – Do we really need it? But how?

Herr Dr. Thomas Meintrup ist nach dem erfolgreichen Abschluss seines Studiums in Theoretischer Physik mit dem Erhalt des Doktortitels der Université de Neuchâtel in der Schweiz im Jahre 1994 seit über 25 Jahren in der IT-Branche zunächst als Wissenschaftlicher Berater, Software Entwickler, Software Architekt und in den letzten Jahren als Unternehmensarchitekt und IT-Strategieberater in zahlreichen Projekten bei unterschiedlichsten Unternehmen aktiv.

Seit November 2019 ist Herr Meintrup als Unternehmensarchitekt bei Mercedes-Benz angestellt und verantwortet hier die Themen Enterprise Business Architecture und moderne Organisations- und Architekturthemen wie Vertikalisierung und Evolutionary Architecture.

Er hat im Mercedes-Benz Konzern in diversen strategischen Projekten wie z.B. VerSO oder Vertrieb der Zukunft oder im Kontext unserer 100% Digital-Strategie eine Business Capability basierte Architektur-Methode und ein agiles Architekturarbeitsmodell eingeführt und ist einer der Gründer und Leiter der Hey Architect! Community. Herr Meintrup ist seit einigen Jahren Sprecher auf verschiedensten Architekturkonferenzen.

Company: Mercedes-Benz Group AG
Position: Head of Enterprise Architecture

Romina Pyplacz – E.ON Digital Technology

Romina Pyplacz – E.ON Digital Technology

Transform into a data-centric organization through a data centric architecture

I am absolutely passionate about the impact of data on our business but also us as human beings.

One of my biggest hobbies is thinking and analysing, which makes me love complex and challenging topics and of course data.

I really appreciate people, diversity and relationships – thus as much as I love my topic, I also love to work with my team and stakeholders.

I am in the Energy Industry since 2010 – starting off with economics, decided to change my focus to data and its management and now doing a doctor in business administration.

Besides my job and thinking I love my family ( dogs and husband), Painting, Singing, Cooking and a good Wine.

I took my first manager role already ca. eight years ago, the first in-official leadership role six years ago and since the beginning of 2021 it is official that I am a leader 😊

From the start of 2022 I am leading the implementation of our future data platform, which is the fundament for our data-driven future.

Company: E.ON Digital Technology
Position: Global Head of Data Management & Governance and Program Lead E.ON Datahouse – Global Data Lake

Alexander Gudenus – UNIQA

Alexander Gudenus – UNIQA

Maturing your EA practice with EA Services

Alexander is Head of Enterprise Architecture at UNIQA Insurance Group in Vienna Austria. He collaborates with top executives to create value through end-to-end transformations supporting the largest restructuring in the company’s history. 

He is keenly focused on implementing Enterprise Architecture capabilities across UNIQA’s companies, drawing on 15 years in insurance industry, expertise as an Enterprise Architect practitioner, and his prior role at Capgemini Consulting where he guided clients on tech-enabled transformations.

Alexander is currently maturing the Enterprise Architecture organization partnering with Lean42 and LeanIX.

Company: UNIQA Insurance Group AG
Position: Group Lead Enterprise Architecture UNIQA

Tamara McMillen – CRO Connected

Tamara McMillen – CRO Connected

Welcome to Sales! Getting your message across and selling EA to stakeholders

A global board executive, C-suite leader, and growth advisor who delivers consistent results at pace and with thoughtfulness; human centric and data driven to deliver lasting value and longterm relationships with investors, clients, partners, customers, and employees. Executive leadership in private and publicly funded companies, at all stages of growth (start-up, scale-up, stable enterprise) and sizes. Innovative, progressive and an industry-recognised leader, I host and compere events and am invited regularly as a speaker on topics of growth, revenue, sales/marketing/customer success, leadership, performance, and diversity, equality & inclusion.

Company: CRO Connected
Position: Board Member

Cristina Popa – Contractuo

Cristina Popa – Contractuo / Partner at Consistency

Navigating the AI Revolution: The Imperative Journey of Enterprise Architecture Management and Change Management

I am an entrepreneur and business psychologist by heart.

The urge for variety, adventure and real challenges has shaped my decisions for over the last 17 years. Becoming a partner with consistency in 2017 paid into all of this. Together with my wonderful colleagues, we scaled the company from 10 employees in Germany to around 70 across Germany, Austria and the UK, from 2 clients to 32 clients. We founded two new companies and took shares in two more companies. We have celebrated successes, learned together from failures and are passionate about our business.

After 15 years of working in various industries and positions, my thirst for knowledge is still inexhaustible and drives me to leave my comfort zone regularly.

Topics you are welcome to discuss with me are:

  • Organizational development (from operating model, agile ways of working, change management, knowledge management, female empowerment to leadership coaching)
  • Digital transformations (from startups to large corporate transformations, from automation, web3 to metaverse)
  • Energy transition (from smart homes to smart cities, from e.mobility to renewables)

I like to be inspired by impactful new technologies and tools, courageous and creative personalities, exciting events and profound conversation on psychology.

Company: Contractuo
Position: CEO

Company: Consistency
Position: Partner

Tanja Konrad – Microsoft

Tanja Konrad – Microsoft

Navigating the AI Revolution: The Imperative Journey of Enterprise Architecture Management and Change Management

Tanja Konrad works at Microsoft, where her mission is to enable Customer Success by empowering and supporting customers in their journey towards becoming data-driven businesses. She focuses on assisting customers in achieving their goals and making their businesses more innovative and transformed. Her role is crucial in speeding up the adoption of cloud solutions and making sure they work well.

With an track record of over 20 years of experience spanning across diverse industries, IT departments and cloud transformation, Tanja brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table. Her deep understanding of Data&AI technologies, coupled with her extensive experience in driving digital transformations, uniquely positions her to provide invaluable insights to organizations.

Tanja’s primary objective is to help customers achieve their full potential by leveraging technology that aligns with their strategic objectives.

Tanja firmly believes that Enterprise Architecture Management is critical to accelerating cloud transformation and ensuring continuous business development. As such, she works tirelessly to guide organizations towards the adoption of the right cloud solutions, which help them to streamline operations, increase agility, and drive growth. 

Company: Microsoft
Position: Intelligent Cloud Lead

Dr. Rainer Lorenz – Volkswagen Group

Dr. Rainer Lorenz – Volkswagen Group Charging GmbH (“Elli”)

From idea to implementation – How to think in processes helps to define a MVP (minimum viable product)

Everyone has new ideas for Business Models and wants to be the first on the market. Minimum viable product (MVP) is the magic word. What one often forgets – VIABLE is the crucial word. How do you design a new business model if you don`t want to fail during implementation, roll-out or due to European regulation? And how important are processes and compliance topics? My showcase is a B2B Wallbox product for the European Market.  From idea to implementation – how to develop a high-level idea into an end-to-end process design for implementation. Which processes, pitfalls and compliance issues can emerge during such a project. Is the MVP approach with its agile methods in conflict with process management methods? My experience is that they complement one another.

Company: Volkswagen Group Charging GmbH (“Elli”)
Position: Senior Vice President

Sylvia Scherer

Sylvia Scherer

Transformed people transform people

Sylvia Scherer ist „Wegbegleiter für Wegbereiter“. Für Menschen und Unternehmen, die neue Wege gehen. Durch Coaching, Impulsvorträge und Workshops begleitet sie Führungspersönlichkeiten, Unternehmer und Gründer dabei, Klarheit zu finden. Klarheit zu ihren Werten, Zielen und Stärken. Denn nur wer im Innern klar und strukturiert ist, kann da draußen entschlossen vorangehen.

Sylvia ist seit über 20 Jahren in den Themen Führung, Transformation und Persönlichkeitsentwicklung unterwegs. Nach Start im Mittelstand und mehreren Jahren in der Beratung war sie über ein Jahrzehnt in Führungspositionen für die BMW AG aktiv, davon 3 Jahre als Expat in China. Nach ihrer Rückkehr aus China gründete sie 2016 das unabhängige Movement ,,Connected Culture Club”. um die Transformation der Arbeitswelt mitzugestalten und zu beschleunigen.

Mit ihrem eigenen Business fokussiert sie seit 2018 auf die Wegbegleitung von Visionären, Pionieren und Zukunftsgestaltern, um mit ihnen gemeinsam einen Beitrag für eine positive Zukunft zu leisten. Sie ist außerdem Mitglied des Advisory Boards bei der digitalen Coaching Plattform „CoachHub“, um Persönlichkeitsentwicklung digital noch breiter zugänglich zu machen.

Sylvia ist echt, unangepasst und entschlossen. Sie stellt die großen und tiefen Fragen, und bleibt urteilsfrei, egal welche Antworten kommen. Sie spricht Klartext. Und sie steht für Gemeinschaft. Denn die großen Herausforderungen unserer Zeit können wir nur gemeinsam lösen. Mit ihr als Wegbegleiter entstehen inspirierende Perspektivwechsel, um sich selbst, andere und unsere Welt positiv nach vorne zu bewegen.

Company: Sylvia Scherer – Wegbegleiter für Wegbereiter / Former Sustainability Leader @ BMW Group
Position: Founder

©2022 Tobias Mohr

Tobias Mohr – Lufthansa Technik Group

Escape from the brownfield Swamp – Digital Transformation Strategy to enable Flexibility and Speed

Tobias Mohr works as “Head of IT Architecture & Production Systems” at Lufthansa Technik. He is responsible for the overall architecture of the IT landscape and the process organization of IT in cooperation with the business units. Together with his team, he strives to drive the digital transformation of Lufthansa Technik with state-of-the-art technologies and lightweight architectures, team topologies and processes.

The experience from his previous engagement at AVIATAR, Lufthansa Technik’s digital startup, helps him in this endeavor. As a founding member of AVIATAR, he built up a software engineering organization to develop digital products and a cloud platform. Tobias Mohr led this organization as „Head of Technology“ from 2017 – 2021.

From 2013-2017, he worked as “Head of IT Strategy & Governance” and has held various additional positions at Lufthansa Technik since completing his studies in business informatics.

Company: Lufthansa Technik Group
Position: Head of IT Architecture & Production System

©2022 Melanie Roth

Marlene Roth – Lufthansa Technik Group

Escape from the brownfield Swamp – Digital Transformation Strategy to enable Flexibility and Speed

Marlene Roth is responsible for the Enterprise Architecture Management at Lufthansa Technik. She strives to make software engineering a cutting-edge capability of organizations.

In her current role, she drives the digital Transformation of Lufthansa Technik by leveraging Conway’s Law and combining state-of-the-art architectures and technologies with effective team topologies.

Marlene is passionate about software engineering strategy, Big Tech and lifting heavy weights.

Company: Lufthansa Technik Group
Position: Enterprise Architect

Dr. Marcel Morisse, Hermes Germany GmbH

Dr. Marcel Morisse – Hermes Germany GmbH

Business and IT in Concert : Business IT Alignment at Hermes Germany

Dr. Marcel Morisse works as Enterprise Architect at Hermes Germany GmbH since 2018 and completed his PhD studies researching resilience of entrepreneurs in digital contexts in 2019. Next to supporting innovation projects (e.g. quantum computing in logistics), he is responsible to implement digital twins in logistics, foster business IT Alignment and integrate manifold IT tools to implement a holistic enterprise architecture

Company: Hermes Germany GmbH
Position: Enterprise Architect

Leslie Robinet – MEGA International

Leslie Robinet – MEGA International

Sustainable modernization of applications

American-born Leslie Robinet graduated from Virginia Tech with a major in Industrial Systems Engineering. After working in the U.S. in the area of process optimization using a lean approach, she settled in France in 2005 and joined MEGA International as a Solution Engineer to assist various clients with their enterprise architecture projects. As Professional Services Director, she now manages MEGA’s engineers for the Francophone region and the DACH region. In parallel, she is one of the founders of the association “Mon Epice’Rit” in her city, a food cooperative based on the principles of collaboration, ecology and solidarity.

Company: MEGA International
Position: Services Director and CSR Ambassador

Michael Drobnik – Herzog & de Meuron

Michael Drobnik – Herzog & de Meuron

Innovative Design Technologies in Architecture and Construction

Michael Drobnik joined Herzog & de Meuron as BIM Manager in 2014 and was appointed an Associate in 2020. Michael leads the multidisciplinary and global Design Technologies (DT) Team, that supports architectural projects with digital methods and tools ranging from BIM, Computational Design, Visuals and Animations to the Analogue/Digital Workshop. Over the years Michael and his team have brought research initiatives like XR, custom Early Design Tools or Sustainability and Performance Simulations into daily practice.

Michael received his architecture degree in 2007 from the Faculty of Architecture and Civil Engineering at the TH Karlsruhe, Germany, having already gained practical experience in Amsterdam, New York, and Munich. From 2011 – 2014, Michael taught at the Chair for Architectural Informatics at the TU Munich in the field of Computational Design. Michael worked as a commission member and lecturer for the CAS ARC Digital at the ETH Zürich and has published articles for ARCH+, TEC21 and in the publication “The BIM Manager”.

Company: Herzog & de Meuron
Position: Associate, Lead Design Technologies

Mathias Hess - MHIM Interim Management

Mathias Hess – MHIM Interim Management

IT Services Off the Rack! Future vision or pipe dream


Mathias Hess has been active in the digital world for around a quarter of a century – in national medium-sized companies and in large international corporations, as CIO and IT manager and in responsible management positions at IT service providers.

He knows everything that the modern IT environment has to offer in terms of opportunities and risks when it comes to digitization.

He has extensive experience in project management, both with the introduction of new applications and processes (ITIL) and in the implementation of outsourcing projects and complex offshore services.

As part of his job, he is often responsible for change management, which is increasingly becoming a decisive success factor in many projects.

Mathias Hess is an enthusiastic user of opportunities and digitization optimist. In the future, he sees IT less and less as a cost optimizer and more as a driving “business enabler”.

Mathias Hess is an interim manager and professional speaker. His topics are innovation, leadership, agility and change management.

Company: MHIM Interim Management
Position: IT Interim- und Projektmanager

Mark Bodman – ServiceNow

Mark Bodman – ServiceNow Inc.

Achieving “project to product” transformations through better collaboration of Digital Product Managers and EAs


Mark is a Senior Outbound Product Manager at ServiceNow with responsibility for CMDB, Common Service Data Model and Service Graph Connectors.  He leads several Open Group IT4IT™ and Architecture forum work-streams, led creating the widely used Digital Product definition, creating the IT4IT revision 3 and associated white papers.  Mark was previously an IT4IT strategist @ HPE, Product Manager @ Troux, and Enterprise Architect @ Dell. Mark received an honorable discharge from the US Army in strategic warfare systems, and has 4 US patents: (10832201, 10785331, 10686647, 8635592)

Company: ServiceNow Inc.
Position: Sr. Product Manager CSDM & CMDB

Jean Gehring – IEEE Advisory Board – Levi Strauß

Jean Gehring – IEEE Advisory Board – Levi Strauß

7 Steps to Mature Your EA Capability

How Governance ensures your EA is successful and sustainable and supports your ever changing business.

Jean Gehring is the Global Managing Partner at Lean 42 GmbH. Jean sets the direction and oversees the CIO advisory activities across Central Europe and the U.S.  She works with IT executives to cultivate C-level competencies and architect meaningful change to make organizational and technology transformations possible. Her career spans 25 + years in leading IT organizations and managing operational architecture within Financial, Insurance, Retail, Manufacturing, and High-Tech companies.

A recognized thought leader on Emergent Strategies and Enterprise Architecture, Jean has a passion and proven track record in helping shape and promote the EA profession. A member of the Women in Architecture Association she served as President of the Federation for Enterprise Architecture Professional Organizations and on the Boards for Penn State’s Center for Enterprise Architecture and IEEE Technology and Engineering Management Society.

Company: Lean42 GmbH
Position: Global Managing Partner